Show #168: Songwriting of Bob Dylan

Show #168: Songwriting of Bob Dylan (May 24, 2020)

artist song label cat # writer(s) producer(s) arranger(s)
beau brummels, theone too many morningswarner bros.5813bob dylanan autumn production 
nashville teens, theall along the watchtowerdeccaF 12754bob dylanvic smith 
manfred mannif you gotta go, go nowhmvPOP 1466bob dylan  
bozdown in the floodcolumbiaDB 8406bob dylanderek lawrencer. burrell
dionbaby, I’m in the mood for youlegacyCGK 46972bob dylan  
hodges, eddielove minus zeroaurora156bob dylandavid mookjack nitzsche
jones, davidit ain’t me babecolpixCP 493bob dylanhank levine 
bows and arrows, theI don’t believe you (she acts like we never have met)gnp crescendo356bob dylandelvy, dain 
lords, theon the road againvaliantV-725bob dylansepe-brooks prod. 
dino, desi & billychimes of freedomreprise401bob dylanlee hazlewoodjack nitzsche
byrds, thenothing was deliveredcolumbiaCS 9670bob dylangary usher 
garrison, glenI’ll be your baby tonightimperial66300bob dylanscott turner 
nelson, rickwalkin’ down the linedeccaDL74827bob dylancharles bud dent 
aufray, hughesce que je veux surtout (what I especially want)barclay80289bob dylan, hughes aufray, p. de la noechristian chevalierjean pierre sabar
newton-john, oliviaif not for youuni55281bob dylanbruce welch, john farrarbruce welch, john farrar
northcott, tomgirl from the north countrywarner bros.7212bob dylanlenny waronker, leon russellleon russell
arbors, thelike a rolling stonedateTES 4017bob dylanlori burton, roy cicala – a deman productionjoe scott
gayle, lindamaggie’s farmcolumbia4-43462bob dylanbob johnston 
waller, gordonplease mrs. Henry  bob dylan  
themit’s all over now, baby bluedeccaLK.4751bob dylantommy scott 
fairport conventionjack o’ diamondspolydor582035bob dylan, ben carruthers  
grass roots, themr. jones (a ballad of a thin man)dunhillD-4013bob dylanlou adler with sloan-barri 
black, t.j.she belongs to mejubilee45-5516bob dylanlynn russotommy kaye
christopher and the chapsit’s alright ma, I’m only bleedingfontanaF-1530bob dylanworld united productionsjohn abbott
harrison, georgeI’d have you anytimeappleSTCH 1-639bob dylan, george harrisongeorge harrison, phil spectorjohn barham
cherI threw it all awayatcoSD 33-298bob dylanarif mardin, jerry wexler, tom dowd 
price, alanto romonadeccaLK.4907bob dylanalan pricealan price
band, thetears of ragecapitol72435-25390bob dylan, richard manueljohn simon 
manfred mannmighty quinnfontanaTF 897bob dylan  
vacels, thecan you please crawl out your windowkama sutraKA 204bob dylanrichard perry, a cloud nine prod.artie butler
floor, theopen the door homerphilipsPF 355 338bob dylan  
dion & the belmontsbaby you’ve been on my mindabc599bob dylanDiMont Music 
country fevertoo much of nothingbellB-786bob dylanderek lawrence 
manfred mannjust like a womanfontanaTF 730bob dylan  
byrds, themy back pagescolumbia4-44054bob dylangary usher 
westjust like tom thumb’s bluesepic5-10335bob dylanbob johnston 
dion & the wanderersfarewellcolumbiaCS 9773bob dylantom wilson 
fisher, davidlay down your weary tunecolumbia4-43641bob dylanmike bernikercharlie calello
byrds, themr. tambourine mancolumbia4-43271bob dylanterry melcher 
byrds, thespanish harlem incidentcolumbiaCL 2372bob dylanterry melcher 
clark, geneI pity the poor immigranta&m540 725bob dylan