Show #163: The Fortunes

Show #163: The Fortunes (January 20, 2020)

artist song label cat # writer(s) producer(s) arranger(s)
springfield rifle, thewhat kind of dayjerden900jeff afdemjerry dennonjeff afdem
vee, bobby & the strangersbeautiful peopleliberty56009kenny gist, jr.dallas smithdallas smith
Saturday’s childrenyou don’t know betterdunwichD-139bryan, holdera dunwich production 
allan, clive orchestra and singersI live for the sunavenueAVE 61rick hennmel gordonalan caddy
davis, billietell himdeccaF 11572bert russellrobert stigwoodcharles blackwell
gates of eden, theya da dapyeHT 300057 Pmatthews  
majority, therunning away with my babydeccaF 12638adams, adams, lewisivor raymondeivor raymonde
sunny fourgoodie good ice cream manepic5-10519b. turke, c. maduricarl maduricarl maduri
sixpentz, theimitation situation (“4/4 – 6/8 Time”)brent7062s. holtzman, v. holtzman, r. landes  
rites, thethingsdecca32218peter kerezmanstephen hammer 
new tradition, theI’m happy againunited artists50608j. gualberto, v. rossi, jr.sandy yaguda & kenny vance for jata enterprises, inc. 
san souci sensational six, thedon’t hide itprinceP-6701cooper, blackwelljoey cooper 
jamiethe priceless gemmgmK13736george fischoff, tony powersalan lorber for erehwon prod., inc.alan lorber
pipe dream, theuphill womanrca74-0306steve schwartzsteve schwartz 
queen anne’s laceyou have turned me every way but loosemona-lee218lipsitz, phillipsa golden bough productionann phillips
in crowd, thehangin’ from your lovin’ treeabnakAB-129jim fordabnak music 
rogues, theeverydaycolumbia4-43190norman petty, charles hardin hollyterry melcher, bruce johnstonterry melcher, bruce johnston
sunrays, theyou don’t phase metower191hial kingmurry “dad” wilsonhial king
razor’s edge, thedon’t let me catch you in his armspow!103al kasha, joel hirschornbob yorey 
do’s and the don’ts, theI wonder if she loves mered birdRB 10-072r. boothstu black – a mode production 
fortunes, thethe idolunited artistsUP 1188barry pritchard, rodney bainbridgeglyn johns 
fortunes, thefire brgadeunited artistsUA 50280roy wood  
fortunes, thejust another dreamunited artistsUA 25.704barry pritchard, rodney bainbridgeglyn johns 
fortunes, theSunday nightunited artistsUA 25.704barry pritchard, rodney bainbridgeglyn johns 
fortunes, thean hour at the moviesunited artistsUP 2218barry pritchard, rodney bainbridge  
fortunes, thedon’t jump to conclusionsunited artistsUA 27.004wilson  
fortunes, theloving cupunited artistsUP 2218michael d’abomichael d’abo 
fortunes, thefinders keepersunited artistsXUA-5021rod mcbrien, john giamettathe fortunes 
fortunes, thecool it (we’re not alone)united artistsXUA-5021scott english, kenny youngthe fortunes 
fortunes, thenever my loveunited artistsXUA-5021don addrisi, dick addrisithe fortunes 
fortunes, theif you don’t want me nowdeccaF 11809david, hamptonshel talmy & stone 
fortunes, theI like the look of youdeccaF.11912mills, weskeshel talmy & stoneivor raymonde
fortunes, theam I losing my touchdeccaF.12485wayne, silversnoel walkerken woodman
fortunes, thethis golden ringdeccaF.12321roger greenaway, roger cooknoel walker 
fortunes, thethings I should have knowndeccaF.12243the fortunesnoel walkerles reed
fortunes, theyou’ve got your troubles  roger greenaway, roger cook  
fortunes, thejust one more chance  sam coslow, arthur johnston  
fortunes, thehere it comes again  les reed, barry mason  
fortunes, thesomeone to care  the fortunes  
fortunes, theI’m still alone  the fortunes  
fortunes, thethis empty place  burt bacharach, hal david  
fortunes, theI’ll Take You Where The Music’s Playing  jeff barry, ellie greenwich  
fortunes, thewaterloo sunset  ray davies  
fortunes, thetime for living  don addrisi, dick addrisi