Show #162: The Bats

Show #162: The Bats (January 13, 2020)

artist song label cat # writer(s) producer(s) arranger(s)
trans atlantic trainyou’re bringing me downtower321bob buccellihank levine for #1 Prod. 
restless feelin’s, thea million thingsunited artistsUA 50053eddie reeveseddie reeveseddie reeves
merrell and the xile’stomorrow’s girlglenn426merrell fankhauserMac Arthur & boller 
billy and the kidtroubles of my owndecca31951bill richmondmillemka productions 
sumpin’ elsehere comes the hurtliberty55900dallas smithdallas smithdallas smith
willie and the walkerspoor janieunited artists50249b. maccalder  
nobody’s childrenI can’t let gobulletBU-1000al gorgoni, chip taylorphil music for popey productionsphil music for popey productions
wailers, thedon’t take it so hardetiquetteET-12r. dangel, k. morrill  
transatlantics, therun for your lifejubilee45-5529john lennon, paul mccartney  
patrickmoveRSVP1117r. alfred, hutch daviegilligan, daviehutch davie
lancastrians, thethere’ll be no more goodbyescapitol5501elleray, dean, langtreea shel talmy production 
motives, thethe chairvegasV-715sheril millet  
darvel, barrymy world of make believecolumbia4-44197johnny cymbalsteve & bill jerome – a real good productionjohn abbott
teddy and the pandasonce upon a time (the world was mine)musicorMU 1176w. dewartbruce patch 
reasons why, thewhy pack upamy962s. beckmeier, h. feitena lauber-matter production 
freeborne, theimagesmonitor45-1806m. spiros, n. carstoiugreatness of youth productions/barry richards 
flairkitesflairFL 301H. Hackady, Lee Pockrissinner circle productions 
poets, theI am so bluedeccaF 12195gallacher, paton, mylesandesound 
sandpipers, thethings we said todaya&m819john lennon, paul mccartneytommy li pumanick de caro
joyride, thehis bluesworld pacific77888jules alexanderclark burroughsbob florence
bats, thelisten to my heartdeccaF 22534eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfieldtony clarke 
bats, theall I gotcbsSSC.500paul c. ditchfield  
bats, thea shabby little hutcbsSSC.564b. mccoy  
bats, thethat’s how I feelcbsSSC.618sedgwick, saunders  
bats, theyou can’t blame mecbsSSC.525paul c. ditchfield  
bats, theyou look good togetherdeccaF 22568eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfieldtony clarke 
bats, theplease, please realisecbsALD 6855eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfield  
bats, therip van willycbsSSC.958eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfieldallan mcinnes & the bats 
bats, thegroen en goudcbsSSC.946eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfieldallan mcinnes & the bats 
bats, theyou will now won’t youdeccaF 22568eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfieldtony clarke 
bats, themoney ain’t worth a dangcbsASF.1285ditchfield, clifford, jarman, ecksteinallan mcinnes & the bats 
bats, thetaking chancescbsASF.1395ditchfield, clifford, jarman, ecksteinjohnny boshoff 
bats, thewaiting for youcbsSSC.958ditchfield, clifford, jarman, eckstein, dlaminiallan mcinnes & the bats 
bats, thehard to get up in the morningdeccaF 22616hammondtony clarke 
bats, thethe imagecbsASF.1285ditchfield, clifford, jarman, ecksteinallan mcinnes & the bats 
bats, theherd boycbsSSC.1110   
bats, thewho’s that girlcbsSSC.1029ditchfield, clifford, jarman, eckstein  
bats, themelody fayrecbsASF.1395bromleyjohnny boshoff 
bats, therickshaw ridingcbsASF.1395bromleyjohnny boshoff 
bats, thetake me as I amdeccaF 22616wilkinson, snowtony clarke 
bats, thethere was a timecbsALD 6924eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfield  
bats, thestop, don’t do itdeccaF 22534eckstein, jarman, dunning, ditchfieldtony clarke