Show #151: Episode Six

Show #151: Episode Six (May 13, 2019)

artist song label cat # writer(s) producer(s) arranger(s)
concinnators, the darilee D-W DW 108 vance, halmy del kacher  
chapter v the sun is green verve folkways KF 5046 brian ahern brian ahern brian ahern
banned, the a blanket of sound fontana F-1621 gary geld, peter udell gary geld, peter udell garry sherman
arbors, the I can’t quit her date 2-1645 al kopper, irwin levine lori burton, roy cicala joe scott
a group called eve within a world of you abbey 100 jason richards an abbey group production  
fantasia gotta get away mala 562 richard perry, flip kerryn, scott lowe richard perry; a kama sutra prod. richard perry
blue subway, the I walked right out of my mind decca 32355 tommy kaye, kenneth laguna tommy kaye  
best of friends, the all the world is mine laurie LR 3450 doug shaffer dennis pantzer the best of friends
fun and games commission, the today – tomorrow mainstream 671 r. romano, s. irwin    
benjamin, randy look at you now mercury 73048 randy benjamin denny randell denny randell
grammy fones, the now he’s here brent 7066 m. butler    
janes, peter do you believe (love is built on a dream) cbs 3299 peter janes cat stevens cat stevens
poppy family, the endless sleep decca f 22976 jody reynolds, delores nance terry jacks  
californians, the can’t get you out of my mind decca F 12712 taylor irving martin des champ
bittersweets, the in the night original sound OS-70 t. evans, b. sutko ts productions  
inner-circle, the goes to show (just how wrong you can be) dunhill D-4128 p.f. sloan, steve barri    
cowsills, the what’s it gonna be like philips 40406 bob cowsill, bill cowsill shelby s. singleton, jr.  
belling, andy full circle dot 45-17159 andy belling ray ruff andy belling
bud, billy the love revolution jubilee 45-5583 bob stone pebble in the sand productions bob stone
abstracts, the smell of incense pompeii 45-66679 bob markley, ron morgan david anderson, darrell glenn  
episode six I can see through you pye 7N 17376 roger glover   episode six
episode six put yourself in my place pye 7N 17018 l. ransford    
episode six true love is funny (that way) pye 7N 17110 schildkraut    
episode six love-hate-revenge elektra EK-45617 ritchie adams, irwin levine    
episode six I am a cloud rpm 178 ian gillan, tony tacon    
episode six gentlemen of the park polydor 583 728 les reed, barry mason    
episode six sunshine girl pye 7N 17330 roger glover paul grieve  
episode six I hear trumpets blow purple PUR 319D margo, margo, medress & siegel    
episode six orange air purple PUR 319D jimmy webb    
episode six lucky Sunday purple PUR 319D leroy vandyke    
episode six my little red book castle CMEED 894 burt bacharach, hal david    
episode six alone again, or purple PUR 319D bryan maclean    
episode six the castle purple PUR 319D arthur lee    
maya, neo I won’t hurt you pye 7N 17371 harris, lloyd, markley    
episode six I am the boss rpm 178 ian gillan, tony tacon    
episode six monster in paradise rpm 178 ian gillan, roger glover    
episode six a hazy shade of winter rpm 178 paul simon    
episode six morning rpm 178 gilberto gi, nana caymmi, norma tenega    
episode six say you don’t mind purple PUR 319D denny laine    
episode six time and motion man castle CMEED 894 john carter, robin shaw, micky keen    
episode six plastic love castle CMEED 894 roger glover