Show #135: The Nashville Teens

Show #135: The Nashville Teens (July 23, 2018)

artist song label cat # writer(s) producer(s) arranger(s)
present, the many’s the slip twixt the cup and the lip (or baby the world really turns) philips 40466 george fischoff, tony powers tony powers for toenails productions tony powers
cinnamon, the have you gone out of your mind birth BR 100 r. cicala    
forte four, the Don’t let the sun shine down on me decca 31979 annette tucker, keith colley gary usher gary usher
green, keith you’re what’s happening baby decca 31973 ernest maresca, eleanor wright gary usher gary usher
last words, the I symbolize you columbia c4-2707 graeme box, bill doreen    
tages, the fuzzy patterns odeon SD 6005 tommy blom    
dean, ritchie goodbye girl tower 102 warren schatz ritchie dean  
london chimes, the look at me philips 40284 petty, holly, hardin polydor germany  
plant 2 I’ve lost the love of my retired boeing production trainee jerden 912 jeff afdem friends  
rabkin, eddie dream baby (how long must I dream) columbia 4-44295 c. walker ellie greenwich for sire productions pete dino
scotland yardleys, the some guys have it (some guys never will) smash S-2036 granville “sascha” burland shelby s. singleton, joe venneri  
springfield rifles, the 100 or two jerden 812 jeff afdem jerry dennon  
steve & the board the giggle-eyed goo! spin EK-1156 nat kipner, groszman nat kipner  
jaybees, the I’m a loner rca victor 47-8904 f. hill, a. nicholls joe rene  
purple gang, the one of the bunch mgm K13607 rene, taylor an ostrich production  
this generation the children have your tounge hip HIA-8007 w. crook, r. crook natalie rosenberg  
a new generation she’s a soldier boy imperial 66317 i. sutherland barry kingston, a meridian production  
whiteside, bobby the sun is cold philips 40322 bobby whiteside lou reizner, bobby whiteside  
happy feeling, the london towne barry B 3507X bruce millar, barry krol    
blood, steve I’m off to see the world rca victor 47-8711 teddy vann teddy vann  
nashville teens, the the hard way decca F 12316 ashford, simpson, armstead mike leander  
nashville teens, the I know how it feels to be loved decca F12255 barberis, joyce mark wildey for c.r.c.  
nashville teens, the last minute decca F 12657 sharp vic smith for withit records  
nashville teens biggest night of her life decca 12657 randy newman vic smith for withit records  
nashville teens, the I’m a lonely one new world NW 6002      
nashville teens, the find my way back home   lambert, pegues    
nashville teens, the I’ll be doggone   robinson, moore, tarplin    
nashville teens, the I’m coming home   keene, shaw    
nashville teens, the as long as I have you   f. wise, b. weisman    
nashville teens, the searching decca F 12580 oliver, wilson shel talmy  
nashville teens, the that’s my woman decca F 12542 little shel talmy for contemporary  
nashville teens, the tobacco road decca F.11930 john d. loudermilk mickie most  
nashville teens, the watcha gonna do? decca F 12143 cable, jenkins    
nashville teens, the too much london LL 3407 john carter, ken lewis    
nashville teens, the the little bird decca F 12143 john d. loudermilk andrew loog oldham for andesound  
nashville teens, the all along the watchtower decca F 12754 bob dylan vic smith  
nashville teens, the ex kay one lx new world NW 6002      
nashville teens, the looking for you major minor MM 599 a. sharp tommy scott arthur greenslade
nashville teens, the widdicombe fair new world NW 6002      
nashville teens, the devil-in law decca F 12089 terry, davis    
nashville teens, the forbidden fruit decca F 12458 brown    
nashville teens, the google eye decca F 12000 john d. loudermilk mickie most