Come To The Sunshine

show sixty-nine

featuring Twice As Much!

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
young idea, themr. lovin' luggage mancapitol2093reed, masontony palmerarthur greenslade
fire and brimstoneundergrounddecca32297steve blodgetta lee harridan production produced by terry philipsdan mahony
young enterprise, themorning of the velvet fogfontanaF-1644john frangesteve & bill jeromejohn abbott & john frange
4 seasons, thewatch the flowers growphilips40490l.r. brown, r. bloodworthbob crewebob gaudio, charles calello
stone countrylove psalmrca victor47-9472barry, hilderbrandrick jarrardgeorge tipton
collection, theaquariusrca victor47-9463rando, ragni, MacDermotdanny davis
mission, thelet's get togethertribute recordsTRI 101chet powersA GWP Production by Joe ReneJoe Rene
wildlife, thehard, hard, yearcolumbia4-44369L. Ransfordjohn walshchuck sagle
happy return, theI thought I loved hercadet5651steve noackstan friedman
silver eagle, thetrue as a brand new liemgmK13783silvermancharles silvermanpeter dino
east side kidsclose your mindorange-empire records500b. schwartz, m. cavett
family, thesan francisco waitsu.s.a. records894bobby whitesidebobby whitesidebobby whiteside
majority oneget back homepink elephantPE 22.525-HP. Mizen, B. Wigleyj.p. rawson
hearts and flowers with the griffith park merry-go-roundshe sang hymns out of tunecapitol2167jesse lee kincaidnickolas venettony cost
charlotte russetrolley museumphilips40596j.messina, j. reedpaul leka for alouette productions inc.paul leka
pleasureborn a girlrevueR 11057b. carman, s. crawforddowney record productions, inc.
high windows, theyour eyesepic5-10304s. krauss, r. murphymervyn conn, prepared for release in the u.s.a. by manny kellemkeith mansfield
playboys of edinburgdream worldcolumbia4-43933j. l. williamsdon law & frank jones
cryan' shames, theit could be we're in lovecolumbia4-44191j. fairsjim golden for MG Productions
stone poneysevergreencapitol5910bob kimmel, ken edwardsnick venet
twice as muchsittin' on a fencemick jagger, keith richard
twice as muchnight time girlimmediateimsp 007david skinner, andrew rose
shannon, delit's my feelingemiCDP-7-95842david skinner, andrew roseandrew loog oldham
twice as muchI have a loveimmediateimsp 007bernstein
twice as muchthe spinning wheeldavid skinner, andrew rose
twice as muchstep out of linedavid skinner, andrew rose
twice as muchhappy timesimmediateimsp 007david skinner, andrew rose
twice as muchyou're so good for meimmediateim 039oldham, bell, skinner, roseandrew loog oldhamart greenslade
twice as muchsimplifieddavid skinner, andrew rose
twice as muchgreen circlesimmediateimsp 013marriott, lane, o'sullivan
shannon, deleasy to sayemiCDP-7-95842david skinner, andrew roseandrew loog oldham
twice as muchtrue storyimmediateim 039david skinner, andrew roseandrew loog oldhamart greenslade
twice as muchthe time is rightimmediateimsp 007david skinner, andrew rose
twice as muchlife is but nothingemiCDP-7-95842david skinner, andrew roseandrew loog oldham
twice as muchis that what I get for loving you baby?immediateimsp 007phil spector, gerry goffin, carole king
twice as muchlistendavid skinner, andrew rose
twice as muchyou'll never get to heavenimmediateimsp 013burt bacharach, hal david
vashtiwinter is bluevashti bunyan, david skinner
twice as muchthe summer's endingimmediateimsp 007david skinner, andrew rose
arnold, is but nothingimmediateim 040david skinner, andrew roseandrew loog oldhamart greenslade

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