Come To The Sunshine

show sixty-seven

Featuring The Twilights

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
sandpipers, theglassa&m851larry marks, sheldonTommy LiPumaNick DeCaro
ochs, philflower ladya&m881phil ochslarry marksian frebairn smith
cast of thousandscarter's groveamy11,040jay pruittdale hawkins & don nixdale hawkins, jay pruitt, don nix
McWilliams, davidDays of Pearly Spencerkapp896david mcwilliamsa major minor recording 
grignard, ferretell me nowvanguard35086ferre grignardrikki stein for eddie barclay records 
exception, thebusiness as usualcapitol2046j. vincent, g. richardscarone productions, inc. 
charlotte russegood weather machinephilips40596s. bliemanpaul leka for alouette productions inc.paul leka
pekeninkes, losnostalgiahispa voxH-377c. puerto, a. sainz  
longet, claudinethink of raina&m909margo guryanTommy LiPumaNick DeCaro
brincos, losmejornovolanox-26los brincos  
dandy lions, thejust a rainbowmohawk45-702s. kay, a. garciairv spice for spice productions
diaz, manololos marcianossonoplaysn-20.050manolo diazalain milhaudjean bouchety
pebbles & shellslet's be more than friends tonightkapp877ted daryllrod mcbrienmeco monardo
doughboys, theeverybody knows my namebell678bob crewe, bob gaudiobill & steve jerome for real good productionsjohn abbott
stone poneysone for onecapitol5910al silverman, austin delonenick venet 
twilights, theonce upon a twilightcolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thewhat a silly thing to docolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thebessemaecolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thestop the world for a daycolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, themr. nicecolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thetake actioncolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, theblue roundaboutcolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thedevendracolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thefound to be thrown awaycolumbiaOSX 7870terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thetomorrow is todaycolumbiaOSX 7870peter brideoakedavid mackay 
twilights, thebowling brings out the swinger in you! PRS 1736   
twilights, theI won't be the same without hercapitol5796gerry goffin, carole king  
twilights, theIf She Finds OutcolumbiaDO-4658peter brideoake, terry britten  
twilights, theIt's DarkcolumbiaDO-4698peter brideoake, glenn shorrock 
twilights, theCathy, Come HomecolumbiaDO-5030terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, theThe Way They PlaycolumbiaDO-5030terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, the9:50columbiaDO-4764terry britten  
twilights, thewhat's wrong with the way I livecolumbiaDO-4764allan clarke, tony hicks & graham nash 
twilights, thelotuscolumbiaDO-8602terry brittenhoward gable 
twilights, theyes I will DO-4742gerry goffin, russ titelman  
twilights, thesand in the sandwichescolumbiaDO-8602terry brittenhoward gable 
twilights, thealwayscolumbiaDO-8361terry britten  
britten, terry2,000 WeekscolumbiaDO-8711terry britten  
twilights, theLucky Manemi7243 8 55272 2 7baarda, poulsen  
twilights, theYoung GirlcolumbiaDO-4787Laurie Pryor  
twilights, thetell me goodbyecolumbia terry brittendavid mackay 
twilights, thelong lifeemi7243 8 55272 2 7barry gibb  

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