Come To The Sunshine

show sixty-six

featuring Reg King & The Action

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
sarstedt, peterblagged!united artistsUP 2228peter sarstedtray singerian green
kippington lodgerumorscapitol2236j. ferdymark p. wirtzmark p. wirtz
coloursbrother lou's love colonydot45-17060j. dalton, g. montgomerydanny moore & richard delvy for robbins productions 
charlotte russeanyway your mind blowsphilips40540s. bleiman, a. wayneherb bernstein for alloutte productions, inc. herb bernstein
yankee dollar, thereflections of a shattered minddot17213bob simpsonfrank slaychester pipkin
fringe benefitscome with menew age45-30001-DJgoland, martinarnold goland 
orange colored skyhappiness isuni 55115walter slivinskinorman gregg h. ratnerwalter slivinski
giant sunflower, themark twainodezs7-104t. clementslou alder 
high societypeople passing bycameoc-452graham gouldmana harvey lisberg productionphil dennys
euphoriawhat a daypolydor10 59 368tom pachecojerry rossjoe renzetti
byrds, theold john robertsoncolumbia44230jim mcguinn, chris hillmangary usher 
fantastic zoo, thethis calls for a celebrationdouble-shot105e. karl, d. cameronhooven-winn 
robbs, therace with the windmercury72579dee robblou reizner 
family, theso much to rememberu.s.a. records886bobby whitesidebobby whiteside 
a small worldthe life you leadmira250stanley howardclancy grass & bob mahoney 
hodges, eddiethe water is over my headaurora156al kooper, irwin levinedavid mook for past, present and future productionsjack nitzsche
jay five, themy angelrca victor47-9449geitz, missen, pumacoronet records 
Wreck-A-Mended, Thesoft, tender and warmBellB-713john gailmorMadara-Renzetti for John Madara Productionsrichard rome
new establishment, thetime for everythingmercury72705h. salisburysteve douglasperry botkin, jr.
eric, marknight of the lionsrevue11052mark malmborgnorman gregg h. ratnervic briggs
action, thesomething to saydig the fuzzdig cd 01   
action, thewasn't it youedseled cd 101gerry goffin, carole kinggeorge martin 
action, thetwentyfourth hourcapitol5949king/king/evans/powellgeorge martin 
action, thestrange roadsdig the fuzzdig cd 01   
action, thehey sha-lo-neyedseled cd 101lane, linde, lamegeorge martin 
action, theI'll keep on holding onedseled cd 101hunter, stevensongeorge martin 
action, thesomething has hit meedseled cd 101king, jonesgeorge martin 
action, thenever evercapitol5949king, king, evans, powellgeorge martin 
action, thebraindig the fuzzdig cd 01   
action, theshadows and reflectionsedseled cd 101larry marks, tandyn almergeorge martin 
action, thebaby you've got itcirclecpw c105McAllister, vail  
action, theharlem shuffleedseled cd 101relf, nelsongeorge martin 
action, theI love you (yeah!)edseled cd 101curtis mayfieldgeorge martin 
action, thethe placeedseled cd 101 george martin 
action, thetake me in your arms (rock me a little while)circlecpw c105holland, dozier, holland  
action, thecome arounddig the fuzzdig cd 01   
action, thecome on, come with meedseled cd 101king, king, evans, powellgeorge martin 
action, thein my lonely roomedseled cd 101holland, dozier, hollandgeorge martin 
action, theclimbing up the walldig the fuzzdig cd 01   
action, theI see youcirclecpw c105mcguinn, crosby  

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