Come To The Sunshine

show sixty-one

Back To Black Rock - another day of Columbia 45's

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
byrds, theall I really want to docolumbia4-43332bob dylanTerry Melcher
stuart, chad & jillThe Cruel Warcolumbia4-43467Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookeychad stuartchad stuart
james boys, thebad reputationcolumbia4-43488H. Giosasi, D. MarchandMorty Craft, Joe Scott
morrison, bobI fall to youcolumbia4-43565Bob LindLor CraneArnold Goland
stephan and janisforgetting how to smilecolumbia4-43665S. palmierhoward roberts
creatures, thestring alongcolumbia4-43689Neil levenson, Artie KornfeldNeil Levenson
byrds, the5D (Fifth Dimension)columbia4-43702Jim McGuinnAllen Stanton
simon and garfunkelthe big bright green pleasure machinecolumbia4-43728paul simonBob Johnston
troy, bobI never worrycolumbia4-43734R. EspositoJohn Simon
striders, thesorrowcolumbia4-43738B. Feldman, J. Goldstein, R. GottehrerLindy Blaskey
byrds, themr. spacemancolumbia4-43766Jim McGuinnAllen Stanton
dante, ronniejanie janiecolumbia4-43862Ron Dante, G. AllanNeil Levenson, An NML Production
clark, geneI found youcolumbia4-43903Gene clark larry marks
peyton, patyou waited too longcolumbia4-43908Van Dyke Parks, R. BannisterMik-Rik ProductionsRick Jarrard
Mark IVHollow Womancolumbia4-43911J. JohannessenJohn Simon
fourth dimension, theMr. Blaircolumbia4-43931J. Hirsch, M. Corbettdavid rubinsonjoey scott
brewer and brewerrainbowcolumbia4-43977M. Brewer, T. MastinBarry Friedman
whitley, rayhere today, gone tomorrowcolumbia4-43980Ray WhitleyCurt Boettcher, Jim Bell for Our Productions
jamie and the jurythis too shall passcolumbia4-43969B. Weisman, S. Waynelarry marks
byrds, theso you want to be a rock 'n' roll starcolumbia4-43987jim mcguinn, chris hillmanGary Usher
inmates, theyou tell liescolumbia4-44032R. FlanneryA Cleopatra Records Inc. ProductionTommy Falcone
dylan, bobmost likely you go your way and I'll go minecolumbia4-44069bob dylanBob Johnston
clark, geneIs yours is minecolumbia4-44088Gene ClarkGary Usher
cyrkle, thepenny arcadecolumbia4-44224sandy linzer, denny randellcharlie calellocharlie calello
simon and garfunkelfakin' itcolumbia4-44232paul simonJohn Simon
linzer & randella letter to emilycolumbia4-44250sandy linzer, denny randellcharlie calellocharlie calello
corrado, arniesimple simoncolumbia4-44382B. Randcharlie calellojimmy wisner
linzer & randellsugar mancolumbia4-44454sandy linzer, denny randellcharlie calellocharlie calello
byrds, theYou Ain't Going Nowherecolumbia4-44499Bob DylanGary Usher 
rooney brothers, theI'm left to wondercolumbia4-44526Mickey Rooney, jr., Tim Rooneyjerry fullerBill Justis
marie, donnahe gives me love (la, la, la)columbia4-44549M. Julien, M. de la Calva, R. Arcusajimmy "wiz" wisnerpete dino
family album, thewalk along beside mecolumbia4-44570M. Henry
new lime, thethe gum drop trologycolumbia4-44597M. FoellgerRay Allen
sagittariusI'm not living herecolumbia4-44613Curt Boettchergary usher, curt boettcher, keith olsenGary Usher, Curt Boettcher, Keith Olsen
rooneys, thepicture thiscolumbia4-44648Mickey Rooney, jr., R. Kirbyjerry fullerMickey Rooney, Jr. & Al Capps
millennium, thethere is nothing more to saycolumbia4-44674Curt Boettcher, Michael Fennelly, Lee MalloryCurt Boettcher, Keith Olsen for Mee-Moo Productions Ltd.The Millennium
dion and the WanderersI can't help but wonder where I'm boundcolumbia4-44719Tom PaxtonTom Wilson; Production Supervision: Keane & Wisner
meehan, don project themon's megcolumbia4-44897R. Fox, E. Sampson, M. Sampsonjimmy wisner; production assistant: Don Meehanjimmy wisner
dileo, bobsing to mecolumbia4-44958Lee MalloryJimmy Wisner Peter Dino, Bob Dileo
dino, desi and billylet's talk it overcolumbia4-44975Dino Martin, Billy Hinsche, Desi ArnazHinsche-Martin; A Dino, Desi and Billy ProductionBilly Hinsche
gold, jack soundsummer symphonycolumbia4-45397neil sedaka, howard greenfieldJack GoldErnie Freeman

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