Come To The Sunshine

show fifty-eight


Featuring Ronnie & Johnny

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
shakers, theBreak it allaudio fidelity45-119BHugo, Oswaldo
knack, theBanana ManCapitol5940Michael Chain, Dink KaplanAlexis de Azevedo
kitchen cinq, theYou'll be sorry somedayLHI17000Bob CorsoS.J. Hokom, supervised by Lee Hazlewood 
now, theI WantEmbassyC-1968Gordon, McKinney, Straight, ZandonatiA Tableporter-Pellish Presentation 
proctor amusement co. call out my namelaurieLR 3396C. Conlon 
King, Hial BFlower SmileLiberty55984Ray Chafin, Hial B. KingDallas SmithHial B. King
pastoral symphonylove machinefestivalFK-2343jimmy griffin, michael z. gordonjimmy stewart for 'HIT' RecordsJohnny Hawker
cast of thousandscarter's groveamy11,040jay pruittdale hawkins, don nixdale hawkins, jay pruitt, don nix
damascus, johncircus paradefontanaF-1632John DamascusBobby WhitesideBobby Whiteside
Saturday morning cartoon show, theHayrideelf90,021Buzz Cason, Mac GaydenBuzz Cason & Mac Gayden for Russell-Cason Productions
cooper, JoeyJust like YouIndependenceIND-77Nix, Boatman, MarkhamLeon Russell-Don Nix for Skyhill Prod, Inc. 
special deliveryLove is contagiousVerve10606Ritchie adams, r. levineHal webman, ritchie adamsRitchie adams
central nervous system, thesomething happened to melaurie3446B. terrell, R. DahrougeLaurie Productions Inc.
guild light gauge, thecloudywe make rock'n roll records1600Paul Simon, Bruce Woodleyartie kornfeld for Justa-Virgo Enterprises
art nouveauxthe way to play itfontanaF-1584Art Podell, R.J. HippardSteve Douglas
burns, ronnietop hatCalendarR66-550Barry Gibb  
burns, ronniemy little red bookCalendarR66-550Burt Bacharach, Hal David  
burns, ronnieexit stage rightCalendarR66-550Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb  
burns, ronnieCan't let goCalendarR66-550Taylor, Gorgoni  
burns, ronnieMonday MondayCalendarR66-550John Phillips  
burns, ronnieCoalmanCalendarR66-550Barry Gibb  
burns, ronnieButterflyCalendarR66-550Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb  
burns, ronnieIn The MorningCalendarR66-550Barry Gibb  
burns, ronnieAll The King's HorsesCalendarR66-550Barry Gibb  
burns, ronnieTrue True Lovin'CalendarR66-550Welsh  
burns, ronnieI'll Know What To DoCalendarR66-550Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb  
burns, ronnieFifi The FleaCalendarR66-550L. Ransford  
burns, ronnieTerrible Way To Treat Your BabyCalendarR66-550Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb  
Young, JohnnyEpitaph To Mr. Simon SirClarionMCL-32,742Johnny Young  
Young, JohnnyCalifornia HolidaysClarionMCL-32,742Johnny Young  
Young, JohnnyCome On UpClarionMCL-32,742Cavaliere, Brigati  
Young, JohnnyEvery Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show YouClarionMCL-32,742Robin, Barry & Maurice Gibb  
Young, JohnnyAfter DarkClarionMCL-32,742Johnny Young  
Young, JohnnyI Am The WorldClarionMCL-32,742Barry Gibb  
Young, JohnnyHold OnClarionMCL-32,742Haskell, Hayworth  
Young, JohnnyUnconscientious ObjectorClarionMCL-32,742Johnny Young  
Young, JohnnyCraise Finton KirkClarionMCL-32,742Robin, Barry & Maurice Gibb  
Young, JohnnyMr. Regan 43ClarionMCL-32,742Johnny Young  
Young, JohnnyStay With Me BabyClarionMCL-32,742Ragavoy, Weiss  
Young, JohnnyGeno, Parts 1 & 2ClarionMCL-32,742Johnny Young  

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