Come To The Sunshine

show fifty-seven

A salute to the Colgems label

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
monkees, the last train to clarksvillecolgems66-1001tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby hartcts 57
monkees, the I'm a believercolgems66-1002neil diamondjeff barryjeff barrycts 57
monkees, the a little bit me, a little bit youcolgems66-1004neil diamondjeff barryjeff barrycts 57
axton, hoytsan fernandocolgems66-1005ivan ulzjack kellercts 57
axton, hoytten thousand sunsetscolgems66-1005hoyt axtonjack kellercts 57
lewis & clarke expedition, theI feel good (I feel bad)colgems66-1006travis lewis, boomer clarkejack kellercts 57
lewis & clarke expedition, theblue revelationscolgems66-1006travis lewis, boomer clarkejack kellercts 57
monkees, the pleasant valley sundaycolgems66-1007gerry goffin, carole kingdouglas farthing hatelidcts 57
field, sallyfelicidadcolgems66-1008frontierl, hilderbrandjack kellerdon mcginniscts 57
akens, jewellittle bitty pretty onecolgems66-1009byrdjack kellershorty rogerscts 57
hung jury, thebusescolgems66-1010parker, moellerchris houston for tai-pan productionscts 57
hung jury, thelet the good times incolgems66-1010bayer, sedakachris houston for tai-pan productionscts 57
lewis & clarke expedition, thefreedom birdcolgems66-1011travis lewis, boomer clarkejack kellerdon mcginniscts 57
lewis & clarke expedition, thedestination unknowncolgems66-1011lewis, clarke, jeffersonjack kellercts 57
monkees, the daydream believercolgems66-1012john stewartchip douglascts 57
field, sallygolden dayscolgems66-1014goffin, king, greenfieldhoward greenfield, helen millergene pagects 57
monkees, the vallericolgems66-1019tommy boyce, bobby hartthe monkeesdon mcginniscts 57
fountain of youthlivin' too fastcolgems66-1020miller, raleighrichard podolorrichard podolorcts 57
fountain of youth(angie, love me) make the hurt go awaycolgems66-1020hilderbarnd, kellerrichard podolorrichard podolorcts 57
wayne, paulait's a happening worldcolgems1021cts 57
lewis & clarke expedition, thewhy need they pretendcolgems1022travis lewis, boomer clarkejack kellershorty rogerscts 57
monkees, the d.w. washburncolgems66-1023leiber, stollerthe monkeesshorty rogerscts 57
fountain of youthdon't balme me (for trying)colgems66-1024walkerrichard podolorrichard podolorcts 57
khan, sajidha ram (of love and peace)colgems66-1025stu phillips for rightview productionsstu phillipscts 57
lewis & clarke expedition, thedaddy's plastic childcolgems66-1028janssengary paxtongary paxtoncts 57
kastner, peterI just can't get over youcolgems66-1029carole bayer, george fischoffcts 57
kastner, petertime outcolgems66-1029carole bayer, george fischoffcts 57
monkees, the porpoise songcolgems66-1031gerry goffin, carole kinggerry goffinjack nitzschects 57
fountain of youthday don't comecolgems66-1032barkan, adamsrichie podolorcts 57
khan, sajidsomedaycolgems66-1034cts 57
monkees, the tear drop citycolgemsSP-45-191tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby hartcts 57
p.k. limitedshe'd be minecolgems66-5001kaniger, peytondon mcginnis, bob todddon mcginnis, bob toddcts 57
fountain of youthliza janecolgems66-5003meklerrichard podolorcts 57
monkees, the listen to the bandcolgems66-5004michael nesmithmichael nesmithmichael nesmithcts 57
monkees, the someday mancolgems66-5004roger nichols, paul williamsbones howebob alcivar, bill holman, bones howects 57
monkees, the good clean funcolgems66-5005michael nesmithmichael nesmithmichael nesmithcts 57
new establishment, the(one of these days) Sunday's gonna' come on Tuesdaycolgems66-5006ernie sheldon, jack kellerernie sheldon, jack kellerperry botkin, jr.cts 57
p.k. limitedforget about mecolgems66-5007cts 57
new establishment, theI'll build a bridgecolgems66-5009ernie sheldon, jack kellerernie sheldon, jack kellerjimmie haskellcts 57
new establishment, theseattlecolgems66-5009ernie sheldon, jack keller, hugo montenegroernie sheldon, jack kellerdavid blumburgcts 57
p.k. limitedmy imaginationcolgems66-5010peyton, kanigerdavid gatesdavid gates & p.k. limitedcts 57
monkees, the oh my mycolgems66-5011jeff barry, andy kimjeff barrycts 57
p.k. limitedfeelingscolgems66-5012barry mann, cynthia weildavid gatesdavid gatescts 57
p.k. limitedshades of graycolgems66-5014barry mann, cynthia weildavid gatesdon mcginniscts 57

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