Come To The Sunshine

show fifty-five

Featuring for the Mike D'abo era Manfred Mann...

everett, kennynice timederamdm 245john birt, kerr, mayerwayne bickerton, john birtmike vickerscts 55
family tree, thekeepin' a secretrca victor47-9184bob segarinirick jarrardcts 55
la salle, lyntakin' life easya&m889lyn la sallects 55
wreck-a-mended, thelove is in the airunited artistsUA 50212j. madara, d. whitemadara-white productionsjoe renzetticts 55
unforscene, thelittle toysidewalk926terry robothamdon perry, larry browncts 55
moonshineout 'a handunited artistsUA50658b. bloom, m. sanderskenny vance, sandy yaguda & marty kupersmith for JATA Enterprises, inc.sandy yagudacts 55
t.i.m.e.what would life be without itliberty56060nicholas, richardson, byron, rumph)al schmittcts 55
basile, vinniegirl   davy jones presents661-Bstaccatosjack angel and david jonescts 55
peter's pipersthe magic bookphilips40568greenaway, cookdick corlayjoe renzetticts 55
mudd family, thejohnny b. goodesceptersce 12151chuck berrytommy kayetommy kayects 55
excels, thecalifornia on my mindcarla2536sullivan, quirk, ylinenollie mclaughlincts 55
fault line, thehigh coinrca47-9771van dyke parksrick jarrardal cappscts 55
byzantine empire, thehappiness isamy11,034don & dick addrisieddie higgins & bob schiff for dunwich productions, inc.eddie higgins, bob schiffcts 55
giant jellybean copout, theawake in a dreampoppypop-504james ryanjames ryan for venture productions
lewis & clarke expedition, thefreedom birdcolgems66-1011lewis, clarkejack kellerdon mcginniscts 55
luluwithout himcolumbiaDB 8500nilssona mickie most productioncts 55
proof of the puddin'color wheelrca victor9332rhodes, goehringdanny daviscts 55
wilde, timtoo many questionstower353art wayne, mark barkanart wayne, bob halleybob halleycts 55
hondells, thejust one more chancecolumbia4-44361j. christiegary ushergary ushercts 55
condellocrystal clearscepter45-12233r. trainermichael condello cts 55
manfred manntrouble and teafontanaTL.5377mike d'abocts 55
manfred manneach other's companyfontanaTL.5377mike huggcts 55
manfred mannbox office drawfontanaTL.5377mike d'abocts 55
manfred mannyou're my girlfontanaTL.5377manfred mann, mike hugg, thomascts 55
manfred mannno better no worsefontanaTL.5470mike d'abocts 55
manfred mannsitting alone in the sunshinefontana534 806-2cts 55
manfred manneveryday another hair turns greyfontanaTL.5470mike huggcts 55
manfred mannbrown and porter's (meat exporters) lorryfontana534 806-2john carter, geoff stephenscts 55
manfred mannup the junctionfontanamike huggcts 55
manfred manntoo many peoplefontana mike huggcts 55
manfred mannit's so easy fallingfontanaTL.5470mike huggcts 55
manfred mannmy name is jackjohn simoncts 55
manfred manneach and every dayfontanaTL.5470mike huggcts 55
manfred mannso long dadfontanarandy newmancts 55
manfred mannsemi-detached, suburban mr. jamesjohn carter, geoff stephenscts 55
manfred mannoh what a dayWebb, Richardcts 55
manfred mannharry the one-man-bandfontanaTL.5470mike huggcts 55
manfred mannbudgiefontana534 806-2mike d'abocts 55
manfred mannha! Ha! Said the clowntony hazzardcts 55
manfred mannmighty quinnbob dylancts 55
manfred mannfox on the runtony hazzardcts 55

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