Come To The Sunshine

Show Forty-Four

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
cousins, theif you could only be meverve forecastkf 5078c. d'errico, r. atkinsHarry Ascola & sal forenza for kenjo prod.peter dino
smokey & his sistera lot of lovin'columbia44207smokey mimsdavid rubinsonjoey scott
kippington lodgeand she criedcapitol2236b. schwarz, b. landemanmark p. wirtzmark p. wirtz
company frontI'm so happyrising sons45-711gene cornishray allenfred baker, ronn bedenbaugh
liverpool fivecloudyrca victor9158paul simonal schmittal capps
music machine, theabsolutely positivelyoriginal sound0s-71sean bonniwellbrian ross
webs, theyou pretty foolmgmK13602buie, atkinsbuddy buie
hep stars, thesunny girldunhill4040benny andersonreleased through eric jacobsen's sweet reliable productions
peppermint trolley company, thetrustacta829paul williams, roger nicholsdan daltonchad stuart
stone poneysdifferent drumcapitol2004mike nesmithnickolas venet
clark, dave fiveman in the pin stripe suitepic10179dave clark, dennis paytondave clark
critters, thea moment of being with youproject 31326james ryanjames ryan
jan & deanI know my mindwarner bros.7219jan berry, roger christianjan berry
primrose circusin my mindmira246john casbariandon altfeld for zax-altfeld and associates, inc.
merseybeats, thegood, good lovin'brown, shubert
merseybeats, thelast night (I made a little girl cry)fontanaspringer, kaye
merseybeats, thesend me backfontanatony crane, johnny gustafson
merseybeats, themilkmanfontanate.17432tony crane, johnny gustafson
merseybeats, thereally mystifiedtony crane, johnny gustafson
merseybeats, thedon't turn aroundpeter lee sterling
merseybeats, theI stand accusedfontanatf 645t. colton, r.smithkit lambert
merseybeats, theall of my lifefontanatf 645tony crane, aaron williamskit lambert
kirkbys, theI've never been so much in loverca1542jimmy campbell
kirkbys, theit's a crimerca1542jimmy campbell
merseys, thesorrowfontanatf 694feldman, goldstein, gottehrerkit lambert
merseys, theis it love?fontanatf 776bill kinsleykit lambert
merseys, thethe catgreenaway, cook
merseys, theso sad about usfontanatf 732pete townshendkit lambertphil dennis
merseys, theI hope you're happyfontanatf 916kinsley, crowley
merseys, thedreamingfontanatf 955jimmy campbelldick leahy
quotations, thepretendjohnny gustafson
merseys, thepenny in my pocketfontanatf 916jimmy campbell
crackersit happens all the timefontanatf 995tony cranedick leahy
23rd turnoff, theleave me herederamdm 150jimmy campbellnoel walker
23rd turnoff, themichael angeloderamdm 150jimmy campbellnoel walker
campbell, jimmyanother vincent van goughfontanastl 5508jimmy campbell
campbell, jimmyon a Mondayfontanastl 5508jimmy campbell
rockin' horseoh carol, I'm so sadphilips6308 075jimmy campbellhal carter
rockin' horsedelicate situationphilips6308 075billy kinsleyhal carter
campbell, jimmypainting a songfontanastl 5508jimmy campbell
23rd turnoff, themichael angelorpmbc 287jimmy campbell
merseys, thesome other dayfontanatf 694tony crane, billy kinsleykit lambert
merseybeats, theI think of youfontanatf 431peter lee sterling

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