Come To The Sunshine

Show Forty

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
we fiveyou were on my mindA&M770sylvia frickerfrank werber for trident productions 
two peoplebarbaraA&M776dan moses, don bennettleib-pipkinleib-pipkin
sugar beats, thefirst loveA&M795al candalariamarshall leib
grads, theeverything in the gardenA&M797greenawayTom LiPumaNick DeCaro
magic mushrooms, theit's-a-happeningA&M815sonny casella, david ricesonny casella 
boyce, tommyin case the wind should blowA&M826tommy boyce, bobby hartleon russellleon russell
nichols, roger triosnow queenA&M830gerry goffin, carole kingtommy li pumaNick DeCaro
merry-go-round, theliveA&M834emitt rhodeslarry marks 
parade, thesunshine girlA&M841jerry riopelle, smokey roberds, murray macLeodjerry riopelle 
longet, claudinewanderloveA&M846mason williamstommy li pumaNick DeCaro
garden club, thelittle girl lost-and-foundA&M848walsh, tandyn almerlarry markslarry marks & tandyn almer
nichols, roger triojust beyond your smileA&M849roger nichols, tony ashertommy li pumaroger nichols
wanted, thebig town girlA&M856dugg browndugg brown 
merry-go-round, thewe're in loveA&M857emitt rhodeslarry marks 
boyce, tommy & bobby hartout & aboutA&M858tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce & bobby hartdon mcginnis
eternity's childrenrumorsA&M866blackman, olsencrocked foxx productionskeith olsen
parade, thewelcome, you're in loveA&M867stuart margolin, murray MacLeod, jerry riopellejerry riopelle 
golden bough, the25 centsA&M868hilary lipsitz, anne phillipsgolden bough prod. Ltd. 
west coast branchwhere is the door?A&M869Stan Rhodes, George Goehringlarry marksleon russell
light, themusic boxA&M873bob anglin, pete samsonbrian rossbrian ross
boyce, tommy & bobby hartsometimes she's a little girlA&M874tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce & bobby hartdon mcginnis
a small circle of friendscan I goA&M876roger nichols, tony ashertommy li pumabob thompson
longet, claudinesmall talkA&M877garry bonner, alan gordonnick Decaro & Tommy LiPumaNick DeCaro
full treatment, thejust can't waitA&M878buzz clifforddan moore & buzz clifford 
ochs, philcross my heartA&M881phil ochslarry marksian frebairn smith
move, theflowers in the rainA&M884roy wooddenny cordell 
merry-go-round, theshe laughed loudA&M886emitt rhodeslarry marks 
boyce, tommy & bobby hartI wonder what she's doing toniteA&M893tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce & bobby hartartie butler
longet, claudinesnow   A&M895randy newmantommy li pumaNick DeCaro
merry-go-round, thecome ride, come rideA&M899emitt rhodeslarry marksbob thompson
tommy and the true blue factsI'm backA&M900tommy faiaE.S.I. Productions 
fairchilds(I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' 'Bout MeA&M903j. calvert, n. marzano, p.naumanncalvert, marzano, anders & ponicia, jr.jim
parade, thethe radio songA&M904stuart margolin, murray MacLeod, jerry riopellejerry riopelle 
boyce, tommy & bobby hartgoodbye baby (I don't want to see you cry)A&M919tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce & bobby hartartie butler & don mcginnis
merry-go-round, themissing youA&M920larry markslarry marks 
michaels, leeif I lose youA&M942lee michaels, larry markslee michaels
boyce, tommy & bobby hartalice long (you're still my favorite girl)A&M948tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce & bobby hartartie butler
parade, theshe sleeps aloneA&M950al capps, smokey roberds, murray macLeodjerry riopelle
merry-go-round, thetil the day afterA&M957emitt rhodeslarry marksian frebairn smith
marks, larryL.A. Break Down (and take me in)A&M969larry marks
bottom line, thewhen I was kingA&M979t. kass, l. kusik, e. snydertony orlando for robbins productions
boyce, tommy & bobby hartwe're all going to the same placeA&M993tommy boyce, bobby hartjimmie haskell
dillard, doug & gene clarkout on the sideA&M995gene clarklarry marks
brewer, michael & tom shipleydreamin' in the shadeA&M996tom shipleyallen stanton & jerry riopelle
london phoggthe times to comeA&M1010keith colley, knox hendersonkeith colleyal capps
move, theblackberry wayA&M1020roy woodjimmy miller for tarantula productions
boyce, tommy & bobby hartL.U.V. (Let Us Vote)A&M1031tommy boyce, bobby hartjimmie haskell
ronettes, the featuring the voice of veronicayou came, you saw, you conquered!A&M1040phil spector, toni wine, irwin levinephil spectorperry botkin, jr.
flying burrito bros, thehot burrito #1A&M1067chris ethridge, gram parsonslarry marks, the burritos, henry lewey
turner, ike & tinariver deep-mountain highA&M1118phil spector, jeff barry, ellie greenwichphil spectorjack nitzsche

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