Come To The Sunshine

Show Ninteen

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
herman's hermitsjust a little bit bettercolumbiadb 7670kenny younga mickie most production
herman's hermitsif you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin'columbiasx 6174tommy boyce/bobby harta mickie most production
herman's hermitsmarcel'scolumbiadb 8327keith hopwood, graham gouldman, peter noone, harvey lisberga mickie most production
herman's hermitshold on!mgmk 13500p.f. sloan, steve barrimickie most 
herman's hermitsit's nice to be out in the morningcolumbiasx 6303graham gouldmana mickie most productionjohn paul jones
herman's hermitsit's alright nowcolumbiadb 8626peter noone, mickie most, hillarya mickie most production
herman's hermitsgot a feelingmgmk 13462krager, weisman, waynemickie most 
herman's hermitsfor lovecolumbiadb 7947derek leckenby, keith hopwood, harvey lisberga mickie most production 
herman's hermitswild lovecolumbiaseg 8503krager, weisman, waynea mickie most production
herman's hermitsSaturday's childcolumbiasx 6174david gatesa mickie most production 
herman's hermitslondon look sle 15graham gouldmana mickie most production
herman's hermitswings of lovemgme 4505alex spyropoulos, patrick campbella mickie most production 
herman's hermitsnobody needs to knowmgmk 13973derek leckenby, keith hopwood, brooka mickie most production
herman's hermitsgaslite streetcolumbiasx 6174derek leckenby, keith hopwooda mickie most production 
herman's hermitswhat is wrong what is rightmgmk 13639derek leckenby, keith hopwood, harvey lisbergmickie most
herman's hermitsa must to avoidmgmk 13437p.f. sloan mickie most
herman's hermitsthis door swings both wayscolumbiadb 7947don thomas, estelle levitta mickie most production
herman's hermitslisten peoplemgmk 13462graham gouldmanmickie most
herman's hermitsyou won't be leavingemiepl 14.276tony hazzarda mickie most production 
herman's hermitslittle boy sadcolumbiasx 6084walkera mickie most production
herman's hermitsstory of my lifecolumbiasx 6084burt bacharach, hal davida mickie most production 
herman's hermitswhere were you when I needed youcolumbiasx 6084p.f. sloan, steve barria mickie most production 
herman's hermitsall the things I do for you babycolumbiasx 6084p.f. sloan, steve barria mickie most production 
herman's hermitsmuseummgme 4478donovan leitchmickie most 
herman's hermitsupstairs, downstairsmgme 4478graham gouldmanmickie most 
herman's hermitsbusy linemgme 4478keith hopwood, derek leckenby, karl greenmickie most 
herman's hermitsmoonshine manmgme 4478keith hopwood, derek leckenby, karl greenmickie most 
herman's hermitsgreen street greenmgme 4478geoff stephensmickie most
herman's hermitsdon't go out into the rain (you're going to melt)mgme 4478kenny youngmickie most
herman's hermitsI call out her namemgme 4478keith hopwood, lek leckenbymickie most
herman's hermitsone little packet of cigarettesmgme 4478geoff stephens, john cartermickie most
herman's hermitslast bus homemgme 4478peter cowapmickie most
herman's hermitsace, king, queen, jackmgme 4478peter cowap, mooremickie most
herman's hermitswindy ruthann friedman  
herman's hermitsrock 'n' roll woman  stephen stills 
herman's hermitswalk away renee michael brown, tony sansone, bob calilli 
herman's hermitsdaydream john sebastian 
herman's hermitsfriends  brian wilson, carl wilson, dennis wilson, al jardine 
herman's hermitswhat to do  buddy holly 
herman's hermitstallymangraham gouldman
herman's hermitslove is bluePierre Cour, Andre Popp, Brian Blackburn
herman's hermitslittle green applesbobby russell
herman's hermitsnew york mining disasterbarry & robin gibb
herman's hermitsif I were a carpentertim hardin
herman's hermitsmorning dewtim rose, bonnie dobson
herman's hermitsI'm into something goodgerry goffin, carole king
herman's hermitscan't you hear my heartbeatjohn carter, ken lewis

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