Come To The Sunshine

Mama's & Papa's Day

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
mamas & papaslook through my windowdunhill4050john phillipslou adlermarty paich
mamas & papasgot a feelin'dunhill4026denny doherty, john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasglad to be unhappydunhill4107rogers, hartlou adler
mamas & papaseven If I coulddunhill4031john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasdid you ever want to crydunhill4083john phillipslou adler
mamas & papassing for your supperdunhill50014rogers, hartlou adler 
mamas & papaswords of lovedunhill4057john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papassomebody groovydunhill4020john phillipslou adleral delory
mamas & papasstraight shooterdunhill4099john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasfree advicedunhill4077michelle gilliam, john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasI can't waitdunhill50010john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasthat kind of girldunhill50010john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papashey girldunhill4107michelle gilliam, john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasonce was a time I thoughtdunhill4050john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasdancing beardunhill4113john phillipslou adler 
mckenzie, scottlike an old time movieode105john phillipsjohn phillips & lou adler
mamas & papasgo where you wanna godunhill50025john phillipslou adler 
mckenzie, scottsan francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair)ode103john phillipsjohn phillips & lou adler 
mamas & papascalifornia dreamin'dunhill4020john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasMonday, Mondaydunhill4026john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasI saw her againdunhill4031denny doherty, john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papascreeque alleydunhill4083michelle gilliam, john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papastwelve thirty (young girls are coming to the canyon)dunhill4099john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasboys & girls togetherdunhill50014john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasstring mandunhill50014michelle gilliam, john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasfrustrationdunhill50014john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasdedicated to the one I lovedunhill4077pauling & basslou adler 
mamas & papasjohn's music boxdunhill4113john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papastrip, stumble & falldunhill50010michelle gilliam, john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papassafe in my gardendunhill4125john phillipslou adler
doherty, denny & jimmie haskellto claudia on Thursdayabc11318joey stec, michael fennellybill szymczykjimmie haskell
mamas & papasshooting starabc50106john phillipsjohn phillips
mamas & papasno salt on her taildunhill50010john phillipslou adler 
mamas & papasyou babydunhill50006sloan, barrilou adler 
mamas & papasmy heart stood stilldunhill50010rogers, hartlou adler
mamas & papasstrange young girlsdunhill50010john phillipslou adler
mckenzie, scottroomsode44002john phillipsjohn phillips & lou adler

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