Come To The Sunshine

Special Salute To Davy Jones

A tribute to the Manchester Cowboy

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
monkees, theyou and irhinorhm2 528791david Jones, Bill Chadwickdavy jonesshorty rogers
monkees, theme without yourhinorhm2 528791tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby hart don mcginnis
monkees, thethis just doesn't seem to be my dayrhinor2 77678tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby hart & jack keller
monkees, themy share of the sidewalkrhinorhm2 522248michael nesmiththe monkeesshorty rogers
monkees, theI never thought it peculiarrhinor2 71798tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby hart don mcginnis
monkees, thevalleritommy boyce, bobby hart
monkees, thea little bit me, a little bit yourhinor2 77760neil diamondjeff barry
monkees, thelooking for the good timesrhinorhm2 535908tommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby hart 
monkees, the99 poundsrhinor2 77760jeff barryjeff barry
monkees, thelook out (here comes tomorrow)rhinor2 77744neil diamondjeff barry
monkees, theit's nice to be with yourhinorhm2 522248jerry goldsteinthe monkeesshorty rogers
monkees, thesmilerhinorhm2 528791david Jonesdavy jones
monkees, thetime and time againrhinorhm2 535908david Jones, Bill Chadwickdavid Jones, Bill Chadwickbill chadwick
monkees, thehold on girlrhinorhm2 535908jack keller, ben raleigh, billy carrjeff barry, jack keller
monkees, theearly morning blues and greensrhinor2 77760diane hilderbrand, jack kellerdouglas farthing hatelid
monkees, thestar collectorrhinor2 77767gerry goffin, carole kingchip douglas
monkees, theforget that girlrhinorncd 70139douglas farthing hatelidbert schneider, bob rafelson
monkees, thedaddy's songrhinorhm2 525670harry nilssonthe monkees
monkees, theI can't get her off my mindrhinor2 77760tommy boyce, bobby hartdouglas farthing hatelid
monkees, theif you have the timerhinorhm2 535908david Jones, Bill Chadwickdavid Jones, Bill Chadwickbill chadwick
basile, vinniegypsy girldavy jones presents661staccatosjack angel & david jones
basile, vinniegirl   davy jones presents661-Bstaccatosjack angel and david jones
johnson, randyhave you been dreamingdavy jones presents662randy johnsonlee young
goodman, dickiewhite house happeningdavy jones presents663dickie goodman
relations, theback to the beachdavy jones presents664the relationsfred kaplanhorace ott
monkees, theif I knewrhinorhm2 535908david Jones, Bill Chadwickdavid Jones, Bill Chadwickbill chadwick
monkees, thefrench songrhinorhm2 535908Bill Chadwickdavid Jones, Bill Chadwickbill chadwick
monkees, thenine times bluesrhinorhm2 522248michael nesmiththe monkees
jones, davyman we was lonelypaul mccartney
monkees, thedarwinrhinorhm2 528791bill dorseymichael nesmith
monkees, thesomeday manroger nichols, paul williams
monkees, theI'll be true to yourhinor2 77678gerry goffin, russ titelmantommy boyce, bobby hart & jack keller
monkees, thewhen love comes knockin' (at your door)rhinor2 77744neil sedaka, carole bayerneil sedaka, carole bayer
monkees, thewar gamesrhinorhm2 522248david Jones, steve pittsthe monkees
monkees, thepenny musicrhinorhm2 535908michael leonard, bobby weinsteindavid Jones
monkees, thelaughrhinor2 77744hank medress, phil margo, mitch margo, jay siegaljeff barry
jones, davyrainy janebell45,111howard greenfield, neil sedakajackie mills for wendesday's child productionsal capps
monkees, thegonna build a mountainrhinorncd 70139bricusse, newleybert schneider, bob rafelson
monkees, thehard to believerhinor2 77767david jones, kim capli, eddie brick, charlie rockettchip douglasgeorge tipton
jones, davidthe girl from chelseacolpixcp 789gerry goffin, carole kingdavid gatesdavid gates
jones, davybathharry nilsson
jones, davywho was it?mgmK 14458gilbert o'sullivantony scottitommy oliver
monkees, thedo you feel it too?rhinor2 71798jeff barry, andy kimjeff barry
monkees, thecuddly toyrhinor2 77767harry nilssonchip douglas
monkees, theshades of grayrhinor2 77760barry mann, cynthia weildouglas farthing hatelid
monkees, thedaydream believerrhinorhm2 522248john stewartchip douglasshorty rogers
monkees, theI wanna be freetommy boyce, bobby harttommy boyce, bobby hart 

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