Come To The Sunshine

show ninty-one

Featuring Paul & Barry Ryan!

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
cowsills, thepoor babymgmK-13981tony romeowes farrell for coral rock productionstony romeo
moon, thefacesimperial66330matthew moorematthew moore & larry brown; a sidewalk production
asylum choir, thewelcome to hollywoodsmashS-2188leon russell, marc bennoleon russell, marc bennoleon russell
love generation, theconsciousness expansionimperial66310john bahler, jim wassontommy olivertommy oliver
deshannon, jackieneedles and pinsliberty55563jack nitzsche, sonny bonodick glasserjack nitzsche
storme, robb the groupbut crycolumbiaDB 7993wilson malonemonty babsonwilson malone
tombstones, thetimes will be hardcapitolP 5997holt, huff, mcginty, malcuitalexis de azevedo
industrial image, theliving in the middle agesepic5-10096d.a. jones
thyme, thelove to lovebangB-546neil diamondjeep holland; an a-square productionjeep holland
we the people…flourescent heartsrca victor47-9292taltontony moon under the direction of felton jarvis
puppet childrenpuppet childrenindependenceIND-85warner wilderwilder bros. - brenneman
rumbles ltd., theit'll be alrightmercury72690j. kossbushor and koss for dunwich productions
schatz, warrenpattern peoplewarner bros.7167jimmy webbwarren schatzwarren schatz
james, tommy & the shondellsreal girlrouletteR-4762darlene & darla landanbo gentry, ritchie cordelljimmy "wiz" wisner
roe, tommythe you I needabc  45-11164tommy roe
small facesI'm only dreamingimmediateIM 057stevie marriott, ronnie lanestevie marriott, ronnie lane
price, alan setthe time has comedeccaF.12731anne briggsalan pricealan price
harrison, noellife is a dreamreprise615smith, rayjimmy bowendon peake
children, themaypoleatco45-6633stephen perronlelan rogers
new breed, theI've been wrong beforemercury72556randy newmana diplomacy-gear production
ryan, paul & barrypictures of todaymgmK13911peter morrissteve rowland
ryan, paul & barrymadrigalmgmK13911peter morrisjimmy smith
ryan, paul & barryrainbow weatherdeccaF.12520mike leandermike leander
ryan, paul & barrynight timemgmMGM 1354sharon sheeley, chris curtis
ryan, paul & barrygolden gatemgmMGM-C-8081harris, clark
ryan, paul & barryhey, mr. wisemandeccaLK 4878mike leander, millsmike leander
ryan, paul & barryI love how you love medeccaF.12445barry mann, larry kolberchris curtis
ryan, paul & barryhave you ever loved somebodydeccaF.12494allan clarke, tony hicks, graham nashchris curtis
ryan, paul & barrykeep it out of sight  cat stevens
ryan, paul & barrythat'll be the daydeccaLK 4878allison, holly, pettymike leander
ryan, paul & barrylove you don't know what it meansdeccaLK 4878callandar, murraychris curtis
ryan, paul & barryI can't make your waydeccaLK 4878jeff beck, jim mccarty, keith relf, chris dreja, paul samwell-smithmike leander
ryan, paul & barryprogressdeccaLK 4878b. halley, c. spencermike leander
ryan, paul & barryI'll tell you laterdeccaF.12494mike leander, millsmike leander
ryan, paul & barrythe sun's in the skymgmMGM-C-8081cat stevens
ryan, barrythe colour of my lovemgmMGM-C-8106paul ryanbill landisjohnny arthey
ryan, barryI will bring you lovemgmMGM-C-8106paul ryanbill landisjohnny arthey
ryan, barrylove is on the waymgmMGM-C-8106paul ryanbill landisjohnny arthey
ryan, barryloneliest night of the yearpolydor2001 205paul ryanbill landis
ryan, barryannabellepolydor2001-154paul ryanbill landis
ryan, paul & barrywe are going homemgmMGM-C-8081paul ryan  
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