Come To The Sunshine

Show Three

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
herman's hermitshold on!mgm13500sloan/barrimickie most
bruce & terrysummer means funcolumbia43055sloan/barriterry melcher, bruce johnstonterry melcher, bruce johnston
grass rootsthings I should have saiddunhill4094sloan/barrisloan/barri
herman's hermitsa must to avoidmgm13437p.f. sloanmickie most 
jan & deanI found a girlliberty55833sloan/barrijan berry for screen gems
searcherstake me for what I'm worthkapp729p.f. sloan 
turtlesyou babywhite whale227sloan/barribones howe for white whale 
sloan, p.f.sins of the familydunhill4007p.f. sloansteve barri 
balck, terryunless you caretollie9026 sloan/barri for dunhill prod. 
emergency exitit's too late babydunhill4082sloan/barri  
epicsgoes to show (just how wrong you can be)Hanna Barbera480sloan/barri  
everett, bettycan I get to know youvj4042sloan/barri  
fantastic baggystell 'em I'm surfin'imperial66047sloan/barrisloan/barri supervised by lou adlersloan/barri
p-nut butterwhat am I doin' here with youtower265sloan/barrijack curtis 
harrell, bevwhat am I doing here with youhmv4820sloan/barridavid mackay 
terry knight & the packthis precious timelucky eleven235sloan/barrip.f. sloan
peppermint trolley companylollipop trainvaliant752sloan/barriD. dalton
wild lifethis is what I was made forcolumbia44213sloan/barrijohn walshchuck sagle
bantamsmeet me tonight little girlwarner bros.5695sloan/barridick glasseral capps
grass rootsyou're a lonely girldunhill4013sloan/barrilou adler with sloan & barri
grass rootswake up, wake updunhill4105sloan/barrisloan/barri 
mcguire, barryupon a painted oceandunhill4014p.f. sloanlou adler with sloan & barri 
mcguire, barryI'd have to be outta my minddunhill4028sloan/barrilou adler 
thomas groupautumndunhill4030sloan/barrisloan/barri 
thomas grouppenny arcadedunhill4027sloan/barrisloan/barri 
grass rootsonly when you're lonelydunhill50011sloan/barrisloan/barri 
grass rootslook out girldunhill50011sloan/barrisloan/barri 
grass rootsI've got no more to saydunhill50011sloan/barrisloan/barri
grass rootswhere were you when I needed youdunhill50011sloan/barrisloan/barri
grass rootsthis is what I was made fordunhill50011sloan/barrisloan/barri
p.f. sloansunflower, sunflower  p.f. sloan
p.f. sloananother day, another heartachevarese 302 066 157 2sloan/barri 
p.f. sloanhalloween marydunhill4016p.f. sloansteve barri
p.f. sloanI get out of breath  p.f. sloan  
p.f. sloanfrom a distancedunhill4024p.f. sloansteve barri
street cleanersthat's cool, that's trashamy916 sloan/barri for dunhill prod.
p.f. sloanpatterns seg. 4dunhill4024p.f. sloansteve barri
p.f. sloancity women p.f. sloan 
philip sloanI can't help but wonder, elizabethdunhill4106p.f. sloan 
philip sloankarma (study of divinations)dunhill4106p.f. sloan

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