Come To The Sunshine

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Dunhill Records spectacular

artistsonglabelcat #writer(s)producer(s)arranger(s)
fabares, shellymy prayerdunhill45-D-4001boulanger, kennedylou adlercts 77
willie and the wheelsskate board crazedunhill45-D-4002p.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
ginger-snaps, thethe sh-down down song (you better leave him alone)dunhillD-4003p.f. sloan, steve barrip.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
iguanas, thethis is what I was made fordunhillD-4004p.f. sloan, steve barrip.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
black, terryhow many guysdunhillD-4005p.f. sloan, steve barrip.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
sloan, p.f.the sins of a familydunhill45-D-4007p.f. sloansteve barricts 77
mcguire, barryeve of destructiondunhill45-D-4009p.f. sloanlou adler with sloan & barricts 77
grass roots, themr. jones (a ballad of a thin man)dunhill45-D-4013bob dylanlou adler with sloan & barricts 77
mcguire, barryupon a painted oceandunhillD-4014p.f. sloanlou adler with sloan & barricts 77
sloan, p.f.halloween marydunhillD-4016p.f. sloansteve barricts 77
mcguire, barrythis precious timedunhillD-4019p.f. sloan, steve barrilou adlercts 77
mama's and the papa's, thecalifornia dreamin'dunhill45-D-4020john phillipslou adlercts 77
sloan, p.f.from a distancedunhill45-D-4024p.f. sloansteve barricts 77
modern folk quintetnight time girldunhillD-4025al cooper, i. levinejack nitzschejack nitzschects 77
mama's and the papa's, theMonday, Mondaydunhill45-D-4026john phillipslou adlercts 77
thomas group, thepenny arcadedunhillD-4027p.f. sloan, steve barrip.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
grass roots, thewhere were you when I needed youdunhillD-4029p.f. sloan, steve barrip.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
thomas group, theautumndunhill45-D-4030p.f. sloan, steve barrip.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
mama's and the papa's, theI saw her againdunhill45-D-4031john phillips, dennis dohertylou adlercts 77
sloan, womendunhill45-D-4037p.f. sloansteve barricts 77
hep stars, thesunny girldunhill45-D-4040benny andersoncts 77
fabares, shellysee ya 'round on the rebounddunhill45-D-4041p.f. sloanlou adlercts 77
grass roots, theonly when you're lonelydunhill45-D-4043p.f. sloan, steve barrip.f. sloan, steve barricts 77
mamas & the papas, thelook through my windowdunhillD-4050john phillipslou adlermarty paichcts 77
woolies, thewho do you lovedunhill45-D-4052e. mcdanielsjill gibson, don altfieldcts 77
sloan, p.f.a melody for youdunhillD-4054p.f. sloansteve barricts 77
mamas & the papas, thewords of lovedunhill45-D-4057john phillipslou adlercts 77
emergency exitwhy girldunhillD-4060luther rabbcts 77
sloan, p.f.sunflower, sunflowerdunhillD-4064p.f. sloansteve barricts 77
inrhodes, thetry and stop medunhillD-4078wally holmesnorm ratner; a boone/ratner productioncts 77
mamas & the papas, thecreeque alleydunhillD-4083john phillips, michelle gilliamlou adlercts 77
grass roots, thelet's live for todaydunhill45-D-4084steve barri & p.f. sloancts 77
lamp of childhood, theno more running arounddunhillD-4089g. mekler, j. hendricks, m. tanigabriel mekeler, andy wickhamcts 77
imaginations, thesummer in new yorkdunhill45-D-4092p.f. sloan, steve barribones howe
grass roots, thethings I should have saiddunhill45-D-4094p.f. sloan, steve barristeve barri & p.f. sloancts 77
dawnbreakers, thelooking for evergreensdunhillD-4095alcivar, ortega, ramosnorm ratnercharles martincts 77
mamas & the papas, thetwelve thirtydunhillD-4099john phillipslou adlercts 77
storybook people, thedo you believedunhillD-4100glenn greyroger nichols, chuck kaye; an irving productioncts 77
grass roots, thewake up, wake updunhillD-4105p.f. sloan, steve barristeve barri & p.f. sloancts 77
sloan, philipkarma (study of divinations)dunhillD-4106p.f. sloancts 77
mamas & the papas, theglad to be unhappydunhillD-4107rogers, hartlou adlercts 77
clark, dickopen letter to the older generationdunhillD-4112roy freeman, george tiptonfrank slay, dick clarkcts 77
king brothers, themy mother's eyesdunhillD-4114l. wolfe gilbert, abel baerlarry pagects 77
mcguire, barrylollipop traindunhillD-4116steve barri, p.f. sloansteve barri & p.f. sloancts 77
3's a crowdcoat of colorsdunhillD-4120murray mcLaughlincass elliot, steve barricts 77
mamas & the papas, thesafe in my gardendunhill45-4125john phillipslou adlercts 77
karsh, karenI wasn't born to followdunhillD-4151gerry goffin, carole kingsteve barrijimmie haskellcts 77
mcginnis, marilyn & the magic circlea song that never comesdunhillD-4159cashman, pistilli, weststeve barrijimmie haskellcts 77
goldrushsomebody's turning on the peopledunhillD-4174george alexanderan equinox productioncts 77
grapefruitround going rounddunhillD-4178george alexanderan equinox production; prod. By terry melchercts 77
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